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Public Policy Measures in the Framework of WTO

Governments have a range of public policy measures to address issues of access and prices of drugs. Many countries use price or reimbursement controls. WTO Members can adopt measures necessary to protect public health and nutrition if they are consistent with the provisions of the Agreement.

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The Optimal Trade Agreement for Pharmaceuticals

The agreement covers a wide range of subjects, from intellectual property to integrated circuit designs and trade secrets. The agreement only includes patents for pharmaceuticals and other products.

The Law of Intellectual Property and the Competition

There are other flexibilities besides compulsory licensing, such as parallel importation, provisions relating to the patentable subject matter, research exception, and data protection. The flexibilities were further expanded by the declaration. Every citizen has the right to life and personal liberty.

The right to health is an important part of the right to life. The government must make sure that the patent holders don't exercise their exclusive right over their patented products for a long time, giving them unfair exploitation of the patent. No two countries are the same in many areas.

It would be impossible to make a standard or mark for all the countries. If only a small portion of the population gets affected, it cannot be termed a national emergency. There can't be a fixed international definition of a national emergency.

If labour and time spent on an invention is not rewarded, a person may not want to work. Intellectual labour must be rewarded as well. Applause and laurels are enough for inventors.

The answer is a resounding no, because of the competitive nature of the world. There must be a financial benefit to encourage further research. There must be a more relaxed approach to medicines and pharmaceutical products.

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On the nature of compulsory licensing and government use

Compulsory licensing and government use of a patent without the authorization of its owner can only be done under certain conditions.

Life-Saving Medicines: The Impact of High Prices

Life-saving medicines are considered in the same way as consumer goods and the impact of high prices is not taken into account. There is a The balance between the interests of the patent holder and society is skewed.

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Signing the TRIPS waiver for COVID-19

There is growing evidence that qualified producers around the world are ready to contribute to the production of more vaccines. There is a chance that the TRIPS waiver will allow for a huge increase in vaccine production, not to mention the production of other COVID-19 treatments and equipment. The rationale behind protecting the profits of large pharmaceutical companies seems to be weakened. Signing the TRIPS waiver for COVID-19-related products, treatments and vaccines is the right thing to do, and everyone will benefit from it.

The Intellectual Property Regime in India

Legislations in the fields are the basis of intellectual property regime. India has made changes to the intellectual property regime with the establishment of the WTO.

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The Key Organization Standards for Protection of Utility Patents

WTO member states must agree to adapt their national laws to the minimum standards of intellectual property rights protection by the year 2016 in order to be included in the WTO. The key organization standards for protection of utility patents are outlined in the abbreviated articles. If the invention involves a new step and is capable of industrial application, it will be eligible for a patent. Patents will be available and patent rights enjoyable without discrimination as to the place of invention, the field of technology and whether products are imported or locally produced.

The TRIPS Principles and the Importation of Patented Products

The right to grant compulsory licenses and the freedom to determine the grounds upon which licences are granted are some of the aspects of the TRIPS that are referred to in the Doha Declaration. Since many patented products are sold at different prices in different markets, the rationale for parallel importation is to allow the import of lower priced patented products. There are substantial price differences between the same pharmaceutical product sold in different markets, which can make it difficult to get affordable medicines.

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The 2003 Agreement on Drug Export

The 2003 agreement allows developing countries to export drugs to other countries if they are not part of a commercial or industrial policy. Drugs exported under this regime may be packaged differently in order to prevent them from being used in the developed world.

The role of generics in a non-LDC country

Let us start with a non- LDC country that requires a branded drug. If there are alternative suppliers of the generic, the agency will look into it. If national firms have no capacity or inadequate capacity, and there are no international generic producers, the outcome is bound to be sub-optimal.

In case national firms want in technological and manufacturing capabilities, and there is an additional international source, two actions are required for a transaction. The Paragraph 6 system discussed in the previous section is needed to export the drug to country A. Although the main mechanism for increased access to patented pharmaceutical products in developing countries is a TRIPS flexibility, only developed countries have moved towards facilitating compulsory licensing.

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Big Pharma and the Role of R&D

Big pharma wants huge profits so they can pay for innovation. They spend more on share purchases to boost their stock prices, than on R&D.