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Can Cheese be Part of a Healthy Diet?

If you want to lose an inch or two, then replace butter with cheese because it has a lower amount of saturated fats. Butter has many health benefits, but cheese is a better option. Cream is a good source of calories and saturated fat, but can it be part of a healthy diet?

Cream is richer than milk and has a creamy texture. It has between 10% and 12% milk fat. It has a lot of calories and fat.

Whole-fat dairy products can increase your cholesterol levels. They have high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. Substitute them with low fat options such as skim milk.

Adding a little cream or milk is fine. Add sugar, high-calorie creamers and other ingredients. Coffee that is plain and black can help you burn calories.

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The Journey Within

You believe in the unknown, the new, and the edge of the unexplored, to teach you about yourself and what you want to become. You like provocateurs, auteurs, creators, artists and their ability to knock you off balance, and they can help you deepen your life. You believe that you need a community, a village, a sisterhood, and a personal journey to support and inspire your experience of travel, art, and the personal journey within. The journey begins here.


A good illustrator is one who creates individual images, not a whole design. Individual pieces of art can be created by an artist and added to another piece by a designer.

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Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux is one of the many joys of watching a movie, because it can be a bit of a mystery if the film is actually a representation of real life.