What Is Trippie Red Real Name?

Trippie Redd: A Chinese zodiac Rabbit, The Strange Case of Redd and Ayleks, The Bad Blood Between 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd and more about what is trippie red real name.. Get more data about what is trippie red real name.

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Trippie Redd: A Chinese zodiac Rabbit

Trippie Redd was born on a Friday. Venus is the planet of love, balance, beauty, romance, and elegance. People born on Friday are obsessed with beauty and love.

Trippie Redd was born in the year of the rabbit. People with the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign are usually very kind and sensitive. They have a high demand in life quality.

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The Strange Case of Redd and Ayleks

Redd and Ayleks were friends on social media. The duo met each other after having a conversation the photo sharing site. Redd revealed his new girlfriend to the public on his social media accounts. Ayleks was seen hanging out with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Trippie's enemy, after the two stopped their relationship.

The Bad Blood Between 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd is usually under the radar and doesn't like to get into fights with other rappers, but there is a conflict that has shrouded his career and it is the bad blood between him and 6ix9ine. Trippie Redd denounced 6ix9ine as a pedophile after news leaked that the "Gummo" rapper had pleaded guilty to the "use of a child in a sexual performance" in October 2015.

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The Music Video: A Black Mass Ritual

The music video is often a representation of things that are not good. The video is a Black Mass ritual.

XxxxTentacion and the Final Fantasy Relationship

Trippie had a feud with him, due to the fact that he had a working relationship with 6ix9ine. XXXTentacion apologized to Trippie in an online performance, and the two reconciled and collaborated on multiple occasions. Trippie dyed his hair in memory of XXXTentacion, and also released a collaborative single, after he passed.

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