What Is Trip Hop Music?

Electro, Techno and Jungle, GRiZ: From Detroit to Denver, Hip-Hop: A Cultural Movement and more about what is trip hop music.. Get more data about what is trip hop music.

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Electro, Techno and Jungle

The genre of Electro is a mix of house and techno with heavy use of the drum machine and sounds similar to hip-hop and funk. The sound is an old-school dream that is equally funky as it is interesting. The genre was influenced by electronic sounds and evolved into what it is today.

Future bass is a modern amalgam of many genres, including trap, hip hop, and dubstep, all in a clean and bright package that reflects modern bass music. Intelligent Dance Music is a form of electronic music that is more complex and focused on sound design than the more simplistic form of genres like house and dubstep. Jungle is a genre that features break beats at 175BPM.

Jungle usually features breakbeats of old soul and funk tracks, pitched up and then chopped, screwed and arranged into new patterns. Nobody can agree on the genre of progressive house. It referred to any house music with long structures that added or subtracted layers.

Over the years, techno has created many different kinds of electronic and dance music. It emerged out of Detroit around the same time as house music was coming out of Chicago. The genre of trap has always been there, but the scene started to ride it heavily, creating a new plethora of tracks that borrowed elements from bass music.

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GRiZ: From Detroit to Denver

"Dtw to DIA" is the airport code for Detroit to Denver. Denver is the epicenter of Colorado's genre-blending, electronic-meets-organic musical vibe, and Detroit is the home of Motown soul. The spirit of both is brought to life in one song by GRiZ. Try not to jive to this.

Hip-Hop: A Cultural Movement

3. Hip-hop has become more than just a popular music genre, it has become a cultural phenomenon, with records noting its first appearance in the 19th century. It is considered to be a cultural movement that involves MCing, DJing, break dancing, graffiti writing, fashion, language and knowledge.

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