What Is Travelling Microscope?

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The Optical Microscope

The microscope is made of cast iron and has three levelling screws. A carriage with a vernier attached and a metal scale inlaid on it slides with a bar that is spring loaded. The scale is divided into half-mmels.

Microscopes for Documenting Research

A traveling microscope has a head that can be used to focus on a small object. The head is mounted on a scale. The head can be manipulated to take a measurement of the object being studied.

A traveling microscope uses a Vernier scale, a very precise type of scale, which is used for scientific measurement because of its extreme accuracy and ability to measure very small increments. Researchers can use a camera on the microscope to document their research and the measurement process. Documentation can be useful for a number of reasons, from wanting to document every stage of research in case disputes arise in the future, to being able to connect the camera to a projector to show students and fellow researchers what is going on in real time.

A Compound Microscope

A compound microscope is fitted on a scale. It can be moved upward or downward by moving the vernier scale along the main scale. The experiment is to determine the Refractive index of a glass slab.

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Microscopy with a low resolution

A travelling microscope has a resolution of less than 0.01mm. The scales used in the instruments are made from Invar to avoid thermal effects.

A simple microscope

A microscope is used to see an object. The first simple microscope was invented by a Dutch woman, called the Van Leeuwenhoek. It is designed from the light microscope.

The main property of the lens is to produce a virtual, erect and enlarged image when the object is within the focal length. A simple microscope is constructed using a lens. The angle of view on the eye is affected by the object and the image, and this what happens with a simple microscope.

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