What Is Travelflex?

A Conversation with Peter Hoogslag, The Hong Kong based Travelflex, TravelFlex: A New Coin Offering and more about what is travelflex.. Get more data about what is travelflex.

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A Conversation with Peter Hoogslag

Peter Hoogslag is the CEO of Travelflex. Peter has a lot of knowledge when it comes to handling cryptocurrencies.

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The Hong Kong based Travelflex

The company decided to base in Hong Kong. To be in the center of a market that is very dynamic. Financial transactions are being secured.

The Travelflex logo is registered. Travelflex is preparing for the Initial coin offering. The final version of the mobile application is available.

The live chat team is ready to answer your questions. There are cheques available. Travelflex has established partnerships with leaders in the travel industries to allow them to use their TRF in their transactions.

TravelFlex: A New Coin Offering

The TravelFlex project's initial coin offering will continue until 12th January, according to the founders. TravelFlex is a product developed by a Hong Kong based company. The amount of global nomads and travelers will be counted in billions by 2020. TravelFlex is a new type of Initial Public Offering that uses the power of the internet to provide essential financial tools and services for global travelers.

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