What Is Travel Protection Plus?

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Travel Protection Plus

You can add Travel Protection Plus to your vacation when you are building it or when you are at the check-out counter. Travel Protection Plus can only be purchased online. You can add travel protection by calling your travel agent or United Vacations customer service.

If you haven't yet made your final payment, Travel Protection Plus may only be added within 7 days. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company does not write insurance benefits. One Call provides one-hour assistance services, as well as Global Xpi Medical Records Services and Trip Mate.

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A Trip Protection Package for a Travel Writer

Which should you buy? It depends. Mayuri Kashyap, a travel writer on ToSomePlaceNew who covers Europe, bought a trip protection plan for her cruise tour.

Financial Protection for Travel

Travel arrangements that are not package holidays, such as accommodation only, do not have to be financially protected, but travel companies can choose to protect them. If your travel company protects your package holiday or travel arrangements, you should ask. If the tour operator fails, the package holidays protection schemes will help you if you have to cancel your holiday.

If you booked your holiday with an ABTA tour operator an ABTA Member, the failure of an agent will not affect it. Financial protection for travelling can be confusing. If you want to find out more, you can ask your travel company if your travel arrangements are financially protected.

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