What Is Travel In Spanish?

The Spanish Embassy website for US citizens travelling to Spain from a country that is not the United States, Buses in Spain and more about what is travel in spanish.. Get more data about what is travel in spanish.

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The Spanish Embassy website for US citizens travelling to Spain from a country that is not the United States

The guidance on the Spain Embassy website for US citizens travelling to Spain from a country that is not the United States is important.

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Buses in Spain

There are over 40 airports in mainland Spain and the islands, many of which have flights that are regularly scheduled. The most frequent flights in and out of the country are taken by Madrid Barajas and Barcelona El Prat. Flying is the cheapest way to get to the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

A flight from Madrid to the Canary Islands will take three hours, while a flight from Barcelona to Ibiza will take one hour. The time zone in mainland Spain is changed to the time zone in the Canary Islands. There are many bus companies in Spain, with many of them having more than one operator.

Budget Hotels in Central Asia

Budget hotels start at 45 euro for a twin or double. Outside of the major cities and tourist areas, prices are slightly lower but can be higher in peak season. A backpacking budget of 50 euro per day can be used to stay in a hostel, cook most of your meals, take public transportation, limit your drinking, and do mostly free activities. A mid-range budget of 120 euro per day can include a private hostel room, a meal at a cheap restaurant, a drink or two, and a ride on a bus.

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Travelling to the Balearic and Canary Islands

If you are travelling from mainland Spain to the Balearic or Canary Islands, you should read Travel to the Balearic and Canary Islands. All travellers should follow the advice of the local authorities on how to protect themselves and others from the virus. The Coronaviruses section has more information.

If you are travelling to the Canary or Balearic islands from mainland Spain, you will need to present a negative COVID test. You should refer to your travel operator and the local authorities in your final destination for guidance on domestic entry requirements. If you are travelling from a country that has travel restrictions, you should check with the Spanish Embassy in that country.

Due to current travel restrictions, you may be questioned by Spanish border authorities if you don't meet legal entry requirements. Spanish border authorities will only allow entry if they are satisfied that you meet the entry requirements and will not allow passage if they are not. If your point of origin and destination are not within a restricted area, you can travel inter-regionally.

FCS for minors

Minors are not required to fill out their own form. A parent or guardian can complete it for them. Children entering Spain must have their own completed FCS.

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Travel warnings for COVID-19 spreading in Spain

Spain has taken further steps to control the spread of coronaviruses and now they are reinforcing some health guidelines for incoming travelers. Spain is well-known for being a summer destination and will not be deterred by COVID-19. 2020 will be different as tourists need to go through a health control form.

The Information Hotline for Students and Staff in Spain

Travelers are allowed to move throughout Spain, but only in restricted areas to make sure they are safe. The information hotline can be used to check if a specific area is restricted or not. Visitors can check with the Civil Guard.

The form for travelling to Spain is currently incomplete. It is mandatory to complete the form and sign it electronically at least 4 hours before the departure. The traveller will receive an email with a code to show at control points upon arrival in Spain.

The code can be saved on a device. Travelers with a long-term visa from Spain who are unmarried partners of Spaniards with a Spanish consulate issuing a confirmation of their relationship are allowed to enter the country. Students with proof being in a course in any of the countries listed above, and who have medical insurance, are also allowed entry.

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The train ride

There is no need to go through security for train travel. You can hop on the train before the train leaves. The train is a great place to sit and relax.

A negative COVID test for a flight ticket

If you are travelling to the Canary or Balearic islands from mainland Spain, you may be required to present a negative COVID test.

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