What Is Tripmaster Software?

Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management, A Conversation with Daniel, Reporting, Love and Keeping CTS Up, Samsara: A Cloud-based Software for Fleet Management and more about tripmaster software.. Get more data about tripmaster software.

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Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management

It made it easier to complete reports. Tech support respond quickly and it is a very user friendly system. You can create reports for upper management with ease and it is very affordable.

The ability to track live data from vehicles using a software. Office staff can send updates to vehicles by email. Information is accurate when you produce management statistics and DOT required reports.

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A Conversation with Daniel

Daniel joined the company as a software developer. Daniel has worked in a variety of industries and brings a broad perspective and passion for excellence. Each day is an opportunity for improvement of himself, his coworkers, and of the CTS.

Reporting, Love and Keeping CTS Up

It's easy to report, more revenue miles with the optimization, love the customer service, and more bang for your buck. Adam Fox and his team make sure the systems that use CTS are kept up to date.

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Samsara: A Cloud-based Software for Fleet Management

Samsara is a platform for fleet management that has features that allow users to track route progress in real time. Samsara monitors vehicle locations and route progress with gps tracking, whether users are managing routes for semi-trucks, buses, or delivery vehicles. Users can share live tracking to reduce inquiries from customers, outside stakeholders, or parents.

Dispatchers can use the Samsara Driver App to send messages to individual drivers or the entire fleet. Users can use intuitive reports to help improve fleet performance. Stream Go is a cloud-based software that handles transportation dispatch by automatically planning and adjusting routes, tracking drivers in real time, and electronic proof delivery through its mobile driver app.

Customer service can be improved by proactive email and text notifications. Users can use all the tools that Stream Go has to manage their compliance and fleet maintenance. Users can create their own integrations using its openAPI, or it can integrate with existing back-office systems, including pre-built integrations with Sage 200, SAP Business One, and other.

Tripsmaster is a transportation dispatch software that is intended for public and private non emergency medical transportation, paratransit, taxi and limo services, adult day programs, and other similar transportation providers. It supports on-demand small-scale fixed-route capabilities and includes route management, automated scheduling and dispatch, web-based TripPortal, statistical and custom reporting, automated vehicle locator, integrated voice response, mapping, and more. It has a real-time interface that allows users to import trips and submit billing in batches, and it integrates with all major brokers.