What Is Tripmaster Cts?

Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management, Reporting, Love and Keeping CTS Up, A Company-Sponsored Healthcare Provider Network Management System and more about tripmaster cts.. Get more data about tripmaster cts.

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Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management

It made it easier to complete reports. Tech support respond quickly and it is a very user friendly system. You can create reports for upper management with ease and it is very affordable.

The ability to track live data from vehicles using a software. Office staff can send updates to vehicles by email. Information is accurate when you produce management statistics and DOT required reports.

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Reporting, Love and Keeping CTS Up

It's easy to report, more revenue miles with the optimization, love the customer service, and more bang for your buck. Adam Fox and his team make sure the systems that use CTS are kept up to date.

A Company-Sponsored Healthcare Provider Network Management System

Alivi is a privately-held company with a unique combination of experience in healthcare benefit administration with technology expertise that enables it to facilitate exceptional provider network management that make operations more efficient, manage costs, and improve healthcare outcomes. Alivi has opportunities for NEMT providers. Alivi has recognized TripMaster as a leader in the NEMT industry and together they can help other providers increase trip volume and streamline ride scheduling, route management, payments and reimbursement from Medicaid. Alivi NEMT network providers can experience service benefits such as the ability to access more riders to schedule more trips, and can streamline operations with confidence when it comes to billing and payments.

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Automatic Trip Update in ModivCare

If ModivCare facilitates any changes to a trip, everything is automatically updated in TripMaster, meaning you always have up-to-date information without the need for manual work. Same-day add-ons, cancelations, and time changes are included.

Transit Software Can Do More Than Think

You may not know that transit software can do more than you think. Person Area Transit was unaffected by the attack on their hosted data.

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