What Is Trip Master?

Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management, The MicroLogic P and H Trip Unit for Long-Time Pickup Switching and more about trip master.. Get more data about trip master.

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Using AutoCAD to create reports for upper management

It made it easier to complete reports. Tech support respond quickly and it is a very user friendly system. You can create reports for upper management with ease and it is very affordable.

The ability to track live data from vehicles using a software. Office staff can send updates to vehicles by email. Information is accurate when you produce management statistics and DOT required reports.

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The MicroLogic P and H Trip Unit for Long-Time Pickup Switching

The long-time pickup switch set at 1.0 is what MasterPact circuit breakers are shipped with. A qualified consultant or plant engineer can determine actual settings for a specific application. A coordination study is needed to make sure the distribution system is in order.

The thermal function protects the cables from overheating. The overheating can be caused by repetitive motor starting, intermittent ground fault, or closing after a fault. The duration of each overload above the pickup setting is too short to achieve effective tripping, so traditional electronic protection does not protect against repetitive faults.

The cumulative effect of each overload could lead to overheating of the system. The P and H trip units were designed to be used with a 24 Vdc power supply. The large display requires too much current to be powered by the circuit breaker.

The trip units have a power supply that can power them with 100 Vac or more between two phases or neutral. The circuit breaker's voltage probes are usually located at the bottom connections. If the circuit breaker was open, there would be no power at the bottom of the circuit breaker and the trip unit would not work.

The trip unit and M2C and M6C are powered by a 24 Vdc supply. M6C requires a 24 Vdc external power supply. The circuit breaker has a sensor that responds to the flow of current.